Build international brand with excellent quality and produce high quality industrial electrical products.

Guangdong Qiujing Electric Co. Ltd., is the development and production of various kinds of high and low voltage electrical appliances, Construction type electrical appliances, high and low voltage complete sets of electrical products based enterprises. Has been formed in the country has a greater impact on the brand. The company since its inception in 1998, based on high and new technology, the pursuit of excellence in quality, continuous introduction, the use of sophisticated equipment and technology in the world, and effectively play the role of modern quality system,

Business brand

Survive by quality, seek development by science and technology

The annual sales of 5% electric investment refinement funding for science and technology innovation fund. The establishment of a research and development center, technical work over the entire company of modern precision mold machining center and electrical products testing center.


idea system

Sense of worth

Personnel management: solidarity; Morale management in fine fig; Quality management: clever and capable; Site management work;


Provide customers with the latest best electrical service (mission)


Provide opportunities for shareholders, employees and clients to create dreams.

Idea chapter

Quality is the life of an enterprise - ensuring product quality is a member of manufacturing system The first duty of a worker.


The company now and in the future development of refinement

    Refinement of Companies in general is still in the development period. From the overall situation of the company's industry, it should remove the company an

The company now and in the future development of refinement
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The science and technology, "QJE Guangdong Qiujing electric science and technology as the first productivity to develop new products and accelerate the pace of product updates, make the products always meet different customer needs.
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Gold tablet, silver monument is not as reputation! Honesty is the "cultural foundation QJE Guangdong owent electrical". Based on the market, meet the market and lead the market, to establish and perfect sales network in the future work.
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QJE company with excellent quality assurance as well as "in good faith 100 - moved from their own, and strive to make customers moved!" The service concept in good faith for the vast number of consumer services. I believe that in the near future!

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